Monday, 18 November 2013

Graduate Research Assistantship at University of Southern Mississippi

Graduate Research Assistantship at University of Southern Mississippi in Spatial Analysis and Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards

We invite prospective M.S. and Ph.D. students to apply for a graduate research assistantship in spatial analysis and human dimensions of natural hazards in the Geography Program at the University of Southern Mississippi. The position is funded by aNSF grant to Drs. Bandana Kar and David Cochran to investigate (i) factors contributing to spatial and temporal variations in vulnerability and resilience, and (ii) errors associated with existing vulnerability/resilience assessments due to discrepancies in spatial and temporal scales of analysis.

We are seeking highly motivated students (at least two - three students) with a background and interest in Geographic Information Science (spatial analysis, modeling, geo-visualization and internet mapping) and human geography/social science (hazards) who wish to begin in January 2014. Funding on the NSF grant is available for two years, with the possibility of renewal for a third year. The position includes a salary of $18,000/year plus tuition and health benefits. The position will include work with spatial and non-spatial data, modeling, programming, and ethnographic fieldwork.

We are particularly interested in students interested in combining Geographic Information Science with human geography/social science. Preferences will be given to students who can work independently as well as in a team and who already have relevant field and/or laboratory experience.

Interested candidates should contact Bandana Kar ( and David Cochran ( to discuss the position.

Follow this link to apply for admission to the graduate program in Geography:

Additional information on the Geography Program at the University of Southern Mississippi is available at:

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

ISPRS Student Consortium - Women in science and engineering


Women in science and engineering
Call for contributions to the special issue of the ISPRS Student Consortium newsletterThe ISPRS Student Consortium is pleased to announce that the next edition of our newsletter will be dedicated to women in the geosciences and the geo-related engineering disciplines. This would include articles written _about_ and/or written _by_ women. If you have an idea about an article that could be included in the newsletter please consider submitting a draft by Dec 13, 2013. The draft should include 1-2 pages of text and 1-2 photos/graphics in high resolution. Topics could include experiences and exchanges of female students, tributes to female educators or researchers, or any other advantage/disadvantage or struggle/triumph of being a female in your chosen field of occupation. All submissions should be sent to

Thank you for helping us diversify our newsletter!

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ISPRS Student Consortium
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ISPRS SC Newsletter

Dear Member,

It's pleasure to announce the new issue of ISPRS SC Newsletter. Here are highlights;

Interview with Dr. Dewayany Sutrisno
Interview with Dr. Hussein Farah
Zamani Project - Africa
Filed experiments at Qinghai Lake China
Aerospace Futures 2013
Geospatial Datamining
Satellite Imagery Contest Winners
The Indirect Path
Exchange Story from Turkey to Florida
You can read and download it on the following page;

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ISPRS Student Consortium
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GeoTech 2013 Annual Conference


GeoTech 2013 Annual Conference
Keck Center, National Academies, Washington, DC
December 9 – 10, 2013

ASPRS Potomac Region
Open Source Methods, Open Standards and Geospatial Data Quality
Registration now open at:

Overview: In an era of rapidly growing open source (OS) data and software, the opportunity for its integration with traditional business practices is considerable. However, a fundamental issue that must be considered is quality. For example, data quality must be accurately quantified in order to propagate its effects in various geoprocesses, which ultimately impacts decision making. Addressing the quality issue can be greatly facilitated with development and adoption of community standards, particularly for metadata. Accordingly, the goals of this conference are to focus upon: 1) Assessing and demonstrating the value and impact of OS to the geospatial community, 2) Forecasting OS evolution in terms of impact to business practices, and 3) Proposing new methods to assess OS quality to facilitate standardization and exploitation.

GEOTECH2013 Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Paul Ramsey, Boundless: Open Source Software, Present and Future

Mr. Ted Cope, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: Open Source, Open Innovation, and the Future of GEOINT Research

GEOTECH2013 Workshops
• Applied Spatial Statistics and Programming with“R”
• Introduction to OpenStreetMap
• Fundamentals of Hyperspectral Analysis
• Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite and GeoServer

Questions, Contact:
Dr. Ashley Holt
ASPRS Potomac Region, GeoTech2013 Chair

For more information visit the web site:

EGLR SAC (Student Advisory Council) Chairperson

Call for nominations for
EGLR SAC (Student Advisory Council) Chairperson

The ASPRS SAC (Student Advisory Council) serves all ASPRS Student members at the national level. Based on this national council, the Eastern Great Lakes Region (EGLR) has decided to form a Region version of the SAC. From here forward the Regional SAC will be referred to as the EGLR SAC. The EGLR SAC will be an outreach to ALL Students not represented by Region Chapters at colleges and universities and also to assist Students that represent the EGLR’s two current Student Chapters (California University of Pennsylvania and The Ohio State University).

The person elected to this position as Chair will serve as a voting member on the EGLR SAC and a non-voting member to the EGLR Board of Directors from January 2014 to January 2015. The elected Chair must be an ASPRS Student Member. Students who would like to be nominated and are not current ASPRS Student members can find information and forms about becoming a Student member of ASPRS by visiting this location (

Nominations are open from now till November 30, 2013. Voting will take place betweenDecember 2 and December 23, 2013. The person elected will be introduced at the EGLR 3-City Winter Dinner Meeting in early February 2014.

After taking office in January 2014, the new Chair will begin to work with several members of the EGLR Board of Directors and contacts with the ASPRS SAC to develop the new Council. This will be a great opportunity to form decision making and networking opportunities within ASPRS. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

1. A representative of all the Students within the EGLR
2. A liaison between the EGLR Board and the EGLR Student Chapters
3. Develop contacts with the ASPRS Student Advisory Council and the ASPRS Young Professionals Council
4. Attend the monthly EGLR Conference Call Board Meetings
5. Develop Student run meeting activities throughout the year within the EGLR

Please email the names and contact information of nominees willing to run for election and serve to:

George Leshkevich
EGLR, Secretary/Treasurer

Thank you
Jim Peters

President of EGLR ASPRS

Standby Task Force - Typhoon Yolanda

Dear SBTF Volunteers,

As you all know in response to Typhoon Yolanda, the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) has mobilized to support Palau and the Philippines. DHN have been contacted by United Nations Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs, the Philippines Red Cross to assist in providing information management support.

Super Typhoon Yolanda made landfall early on Nov 8 in Guiuan municipality, Eastern Samar province, Eastern Visayas region. The storm hit with 150mph winds and gusts up to 170mph. Roads have been impacted in Region V and Region VIII. There is no cell phone signal in Regions VII and VIII as well as 4 municipalities in Northern Cebu. Storm surges and flash floods have been reported in Eastern Samar and Leyte, causing significant damage to buildings and houses, according to UN OCHA, and killing over 10,000, people according to early estimates. Strong winds and heavy rainfall have disrupted telecommunications, limiting information coming out of affected areas.

UN OCHA requested information on population displacement , affected community needs and International and National humanitarian support. The SBTF is currently filtering Yolanda tweets and images by relevance to disaster responders, using the Micromappers’ Clickers software, then geolocating and categorizing those tweets and images for use in the ESRI and GIScorps maps, and as raw data for the Statistics Without Borders analyses.

We are writing to you again to let you all know that the deployment will last until Sunday and that you are all invited to participate in this inspiring project!

Volunteers interested in working with the SBTF can find more information at

The deployment page is here:

Here the Google Site with instructions on how to participate:

The deployment leads are:
· Justine Mackinnon -, Skype: fidget01
· Melissa Elliot -, Skype: mellomely
· Anahi Ayala Iacucci -, Skype: anahiii

We really hope you will join us, in the same time, see some of the fantastic news coverage this deployment got in the media:
· [IRINnews] Micro-mapping Philippine’s typhoon disaster
· [Time] Struggling to Cope — Haiyan’s Aftermath: Live Blog
· [National Geographic] Scanning Social Media to Improve Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts
· [Examiner] Social Media is needed in Typhoon Haiyan recovery
· [UN OCHA] Philippines: Super Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall, UN and humanitarian community on high-alert

Onwards, one map at the time!

The SBTF Yolanda Activation Leads

Visit Standby Task Force at:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

ASPRS Potomac Region

ASPRS Potomac Region

ASPRS Technical Tour: November 7th 2013

ASPRS - Potomac Region and MDA Information Systems LLC are pleased to announce the following Technical Tour.

The Tech Tour will be hosted by MDA at

MDA Information Systems LLC

820 West Diamond Ave., Suite 300, Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1419

Please use Google Maps for personalized directions.
Report to the lobby for an escort to the meeting.
Please note that this tour is for US citizens only

(I.D. required for admission)
Please pre-register at Regonline

Program: 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. 
· Welcome and Introduction to MDA – Dr. Greg Koeln
· Persistent Change Monitoring– Dr. Jon Dykstra
(PCM – Landsat, RapidEye, RADAR and TFM)
· RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) – Dr. John Hornsby
· Terrain Network Tools (TNT) – Dr. Doug Way
· MDA Weather Services – Jeannine Melican
· ISRS Remote Ground Terminal – Dawn Sienicki
· Additional Questions

Reception: 4:00 – 5:00
(Cheese, Fruit, Wine, Soft drinks)
5:00 p.m.
Adjourn to Dogfish Head – no host gathering within walking distance of MDA

Questions, Contact:

Robert C. Black
Principal Ground Segment Engineer, GS Engineering
+1.703.480.4642 office 
+1.703.839.5571 mobile