Monday, 2 November 2015

ASPRS Speakers Club Next Meeting Nov 3

ASPRS Speakers Club

Public speaking is a part of most of ASPRS members professional life. We all need to effectively communicate with our colleagues, staff, and students. Today as we must do this in person to person interaction; person to group presentation and through electronic transmission (e.g., virtual meetings) many of us find ourselves out of practice and in uncharted territory. To address this training and discourse thru an ASPRS Speakers Club has been under development that is similar to that of Toastmasters Int. but will be hosted in a virtual setting.

Brian Murphy, Vice President of Business Development at Altavian, the maker of the Nova family of Unmanned aircraft and payloads, and long time member of ASPRS, who is currently Past President of the Florida Region and Chairs the ASPRS Sustaining Members Council at a national level share his experience with Toastmasters in Florida.

"Since joining Toastmasters, and attending recent ASPRS conferences, I have seen a huge opportunity to help my fellow ASPRS’ers by helping improve upon their oral communication and leadership skills. I am interested in bringing elements of Toastmasters into ASPRS in order to help improve the member experience. Not only do I strongly feel this will help benefit all ASPRS members, young and old, but it will also help improve upon the Conference experience as well, by helping speakers watch their “ums and ahs;” keeping their presentation informative, yet concise; helping them rely less on power point bullets and more on content and delivery; using vocal variety in order to help maintain command of the audience."

In a recent meeting discussing how to proceed Paul Pope, of Los Alamos National Labs, share some of ideas that toastmaster encourages in person to group interaction, that will be replicated in our ASPRS Speakers club:

Present for your audience, not too them.

Make it your business to know what they want or need to hear,

and then be sure to present it in a way that captures their attention and offers a clear message.

With planning and rehearsal, you'll be able to avoid the common mistakes that plague other speakers.

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While we are, by no means, experts in public speaking and leadership, we feel that these are skills we can all work on. We am hoping to find a group of at least 30 Individuals who are willing to help start and charter this initiative we are, for now, calling “The ASRPS Speakers Club.” It is here that I hope to foster deep networking relationships, while also helping improve self-confidence. Because it will be mostly virtual, I am hoping that this “club” will also allow us to increase our familiarity with the etiquette involved with utilizing various teleconferencing technologies.


Paul Pope, Ed Freeborn, Brian Murphy, Melissa Rura



I hope you will join us by going to the form below and filling in your contact information. Also, let us know if you have ever been involved in Toastmasters before, as we could benefit from your expertise and experiences.

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