Thursday, 26 July 2012

CrisisMappersUK announce their deployment for the London Olympics 2012

CrisisMappersUK will provide real time situation awareness to public, services and security personnel during the London Olympics 2012.

CrisisMappersUK was founded in June 2012 by Justine MacKinnon and Francesca De Florio. The non-profit organization is the UK and only branch of Crisis Mappers.

During the “London Olympics 2012: Situational Awareness Deployment”, volunteers will collate and distribute real time information to the general public, services and security personnel, to support situation awareness and facilitate rapid reaction in case of an emergency. CrisisMappersUK will collate and distribute data using an open source information collection, visualization and interactive mapping tool platform. The mapping tool platform, an open source website generated from Ushahidi, was successfully tested in June 2012 during the Isle of Wight festival and helped people stranded on the island to reach accommodation, information, food and clean clothing.

CrisisMappersUK will lead the project in collaboration with members of the the WHO-curated Virtual Interdisciplinary Advisory Group for mass gatherings (VIAG).

CrisisMappersUK is currently recruiting volunteers through the online registration form to filter and collate information.

Crisis Mappers is a global organisation leveraging mobile & web-based applications, participatory maps & crowdsourced event data, aerial & satellite imagery, geospatial platforms, advanced visualization, live simulation, and computational & statistical models to power effective early warning for rapid response to humanitarian and events emergencies.

The VIAG is an informal network of experts in mass gatherings public health and related fields that provides support to host countries in the planning and operation of mass gatherings, as well as the operational and response aspects of public health and health security. VIAG members, in consultation with the WHO mass gathering team in Geneva and London, are beta testing both secure and open resources that can be a useful, free desktop and Android/iPhone-iPad capable platform to field baseline common operational data and annotations.

CrisisMappersUK is looking for volunteers to collate and organise data received from social media and other channels on the CrisisMappersUK platform to make it available to the general public, emergency services and other stakeholders involved in public security and safety. These stakeholders will be able to freely access this data which will facilitate and speed up situational awareness and rapid reaction in case of an incident or emergency.

See website above to submit application. No experience necessary.

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