Thursday, 6 September 2012

Looking for tech support for SBTF deployments

Dear all,
the SBTF is recruiting people for the technology team.

We are looking for people that are willing to support the SBTF deployment in the following tasks:
- deploying and customizing Ushahidi platforms
- maintaining it during active deployments
- integrating the platform with additional other platforms
- support the deployment of other platforms (like OSM, FLSMS, GeoFeedia, atc)
- support the Core Team in looking into additional technologies to be deployed by the SBTF

If you are a member and are willing to help out, please get in contact with me, anahi (at) standbytaskforce (dot) com, or kirk (at) standbytaskforce (dot) com.

You can find additional information on the tech team here:


Anahi Ayala Iacucci
SBTF Volunteers Coordinator

anahi (at) standbytaskforce (dot) com
SkypeID: anahiii
Twitter: anahi_ayala

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