Tuesday, 16 October 2012

ASPRS - Region Officers/Directors Committee Meeting


Region Officers/Directors Committee Meeting

Sunday, 28 October 2012
12 noon to 1 pm
Room:  Meeting Room 12, Third Floor, Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel


The meeting will be chaired by ASPRS VP Stewart Walker.  Please send any agenda items to:
Stewart Walker at stewart (dot) walker2 (at) baesystems (dot) com prior to the meeting on 28 October.


Dear Region Officers,

There will be a committee meeting of Region Officers/Directors on Sunday, 28 October 2012, from 12 noon to 1 pm, Meeting Room 12, Third Floor, Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel, preceding the MAPPS/ASPRS Specialty Conference. The tentative agenda currently reads:

1.    Welcome and introductions (Stewart Walker, Chair)
2.    Scheduling of meetings
3.    Branding Task Force activities and progress
4.    Restructuring Task Force activities and progress (Steve DeGloria, President-Elect)
5.    What is working in the regions and what is not for membership recruiting and retention?
6.    Which events are successful in the regions and which are not?
7.    What can Headquarters do to help?
8.    Any other business
9.    Wrap-up and action items
10.  Date of next meeting

The Fall conferences tend to have lower attendances and fewer region officers present than the annual conferences. I have therefore taken the unusual step of scheduling the meeting over the lunch period in order to reduce clashes with other meetings. Please feel free to bring whatever sustenance you require and enjoy it during the meeting.

Thank you.



Dr. A. Stewart Walker

ASPRS Vice President 2012-13
stewart (dot) walker2 (at) baesystems (dot) com

BAE Systems
Mail Zone 62-TAL
10920 Technology Place
San Diego
CA 92127-1874
tel +1 858 592 1764
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