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Call for Abstracts - CaGIS ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference

CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference
October 27 - 31, 2013 * San Antonio, Texas USA
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The conference theme:
Imaging and Mapping for Disaster Management:
From the Individual to the Global Community

asks the critical emergency preparedness questions:

Where did the event occur?
Where are people in relation to the event?
How fast/far/in what direction is the event moving?
Where and by what route can people (and animals, supplies, relief workers, and aid) come into or leave the area of an event?

The critical component necessary to answer all of these questions is accurate, current geospatial information. And that’s why we need YOU!

Relevant Topic Areas for Abstracts:
This conference will explore the wide range of tools, technology, and applications employed to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies of local, national, and global scales.
  • Humanitarian GIS/volunteered geographic information/citizen science/social media
  • The role of commercial, licensed imagery and data in emergency response
  • GIS preparedness from a community, national, and international perspective (city/county government; national (DHS, NGA); Red Cross, OSM, Tsunami Warning System, Global Seismic Network)
  • Emergency Response applications/examples – what works, what doesn't
  • The role of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in emergency response.
  • The role of sensor networks in emergency detection and response (GEOSS)
  • Is there still a role for a paper map? What maps are people using in the field in emergency response situations?
  • Coordinate systems and emergency response: where am I?
  • Visual analytic solutions for preparing and responding to emergencies
For a complete list of the relevant topic and categories, please visit the Conference Web Site here.

Please submit your abstract from a system that has Internet Explorer 5.5 and above or Netscape Navigator 5.X and above. If you are trying with a compatible browser and the browser takes a long time to load without going to the next stage, please close your browser and start a new submission.

CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference
Imaging and Mapping for Disaster Management: From the Individual to the Global Community
October 27 - 31, 2013 * San Antonio, Texas USA
Submission Deadline: May 7, 2013

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