Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Provisional Certification

Just a reminder of a phenomenal program ASPRS offers....

For more information, check out http://www.asprs.org/membership/certification/certification_guidelines.html#provisional


An applicant seeking Provisional Certification must be an active student preparing to graduate with educational training in the spatial sciences from an approved institution of higher education, and must follow the Basic Requirements as previously outlined for Certified Photogrammetrist, Mapping Scientist, or Technologist; the exception being the required on-job experience. Applicants must submit the appropriate Application and Fee with one (1) reference from their academic advisor or relevant faculty member. An Official Copy of the applicant’s current transcript must accompany the application; the transcript must validate that the applicant has successfully completed a minimum of two (2) courses in the spatial sciences (photogrammetry, remote sensing, or GIS/LIS). The application requires a declaration of compliance with the ASPRS Code of Ethics.

Upon successful examination completion, the individual will receive Provisional Certification (ASPRS) status. In the case of Certified Photogrammetrist or Certified Mapping Scientist, the individual will have ten (10) years from the date of examination to complete the six (6) year experience requirement. In the case of Certified Technologist, the individual will have five (5) years to complete the three (3) year experience requirement. Exceptions to the length of time for completion of the experience requirement will only be granted for active duty military service.

When the Work Experience requirement is complete, the Applicant must provide written documentation and three (3) references to ASPRS Headquarters, who will forward the experience summary and references to the Evaluation for Certification Committee. Applicants meeting all of these requirements will become certified for the specified time period of their certification.

Persons interested in applying for certification, recertification, or provisional certification should follow this general procedure:
Step 1: Read carefully the section entitled "Classification Chart for Photogrammetry and Mapping Sciences."
Step 2: Determine separately the number of years of actual job experience attained in functions that are classified as being at the professional level, and in functions at the technician level.
Step 3: Read the preceding sections ("Basic Requirements" and "Educational Credit"); ascertain that actual work experience, with or without educational credit, meets conditions listed under "Basic Requirements."
Step 4: If applying for initial certification, download an application for Certified Photogrammetrist/Mapping Scientist OR Certified Technologist and reference forms or contact ASPRS Headquarters: send an email to certification@asprs.org or call (301) 493-0290, ext 101 or fax your request to (301) 493-0208.
Step 5: If applying for recertification, read carefully the Section on "Recertification Criteria" and be sure to complete the Application for Recertification and the reference forms. NOTE: When describing experience, applicants are advised to be complete. The Evaluation Committee evaluates the application data and does not assume data not presented)
Step 6: Provide names and addresses of at least four persons to whom you have sent a copy of the Confidential Reference Form. Fill out the Confidential Reference Forms with the person’s name and complete address on the top left side and forward to the respective references. Request said references to supply, from their own personal knowledge, facts with reference to your character and information concerning your professional qualifications, and to mail the completed reference form, with their name, address, and any accompanying letters to the Society. (Please note: Provisional Certification applications are subject to modified requirements.) (NOTE: References are often the source of delays in the evaluation process. The process cannot start until the references have all been received.)
Step 7: Return your completed application form to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, together with the application fee indicated below. Make checks payable to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and mail to:
ASPRS Certification Program5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210 Bethesda, MD 20814-2160


anome said...

1] Are university based continuing education certificate programs recognized in the provisional process? (Specifically University of New Mexico's GIS Certificate program.)

2] Is there either a study guide or a reference reading list to help us prepare for the exam?

Thank you,
K. Tash Robb BS MST
UNM GIS student

josh sisskind said...

I believe that they are considered, but you should contact ASPRS for more information on that at certification@asprs.org.

Here is a list of reference material that I found on the ASPRS website. Also, work with your classmates and fellow students to set up study groups!
Suggested Texts for Review:

The Manual of Photogrammetry, 5th edition, 2005.
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, 4th edition, Lillesand and Kiefer, 2000.
Elements of Photogrammetry: With Applications in GIS, Wolf and Dewitt, 1999.
Glossary of the Mapping Sciences, 1994.
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Airphoto Interpretation, 5th edition, Avery & Berlin, 1992.