Thursday, 8 January 2009

ASPRS Student Advisory Council Organized Sessions

At the 2009 ASPRS Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD, the Student Advisory Committee has organized a few sessions geared towards students and young professionals.  Here is a summary:

Wednesday, March 11 2009 (3:30-5:00)

ASPRS SAC - Career Planning

Mike Flynn - M.J. Harden Associates

Dr. Kass Green - The Alta Vista Company

Mark Stanton - Pixxures, Inc.

Dr. Stewart Walker - BAE Systems

Dr. Marguerite Madden - University of Georgia


This session addresses career planning and professional development for graduate students from the perspective of a representative cross section of the ASPRS professional community. A panel of professionals from industry, consulting, as well as academic research and teaching positions will be represented. Students will be exposed to a wide range of views on professional development and the steps involved in preparing for both academic and non-academic positions. This session will provide students with a foundation to guide their career planning to focus on the particular job they hope to secure in the future.




Thursday, March 12 2009 (3:30-5:00)

ASPRS SAC - Academic Publishing

Dr. Russell Congalton - University of New Hampshire

Dr. John Jensen - University of South Carolina

Dr. Jie Shan - Purdue University


This session will provide graduate students and young professionals an introduction to the peer review publication process. Details will be presented on the proper organization, preparation and submission of a manuscript. This session will also provide insight on how to choose an appropriate journal, draft a letter to the editor, and address reviewer comments. Students will learn what to expect during all steps of the publication process.




Friday, March 13 2009 (12:30-2:00)

ASPRS SAC - Preparing Competitive Scholarship & Grant Proposals

Dr. Scott Freundschuh - NSF Program Director, Geography & Regional Science

Dr. Marguerite Madden - University of Georgia

Dr. Curt Niebur - NASA Program Scientist

Jesse Winch - ASPRS Scholarship Administrator


This session will provide graduate students with relevant information on organizing and preparing a successful grant or scholarship proposal. Topics covered will include finding prospective grants, developing a general proposal, securing letters of reference and the formal application process. A panel of experts will provide advice and insight from their professional grant writing experiences.

 For more information, go to or contact SAC Education Councilor Lisa Wedding at

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