Friday, 2 October 2009

Land Cover Classification (Free ERDAS Webinar)

ERDAS Inc. will be offering two free workshops on Thursday, October 15th. The first will take place at 11AM EDT and the second will take place at 1PM EDT. To register for one of these events, please click here. Following is an excerpt from their advertisement:

Do you need to extract certain types of information from your imagery? Like many organizations, you probably have massive amounts of geospatial data that you collect regularly, with the intention of analyzing and classifying into categories such as bare earth, vegetation, pasture land, urban areas, etc.
Please join us for an upcoming workshop on Land Cover Classification, featuring a workflow that you can use to classify the Earth.
During this workshop, we will discuss unsupervised classification and how to get the most out of your automated land cover classification. You will also learn how to make small edits to improve results and how to create a signature file that can be used to run your supervised classification.

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