Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Apply now for a position on the ASPRS Student Advisory Council

Hello fellow ASPRS student members,

My name is Devin Bourland, Chair of the ASPRS Student Advisory Council (SAC). I am writing to invite you to apply for one of the available positions on the Council. SAC is comprised of the following positions:

· Chair
· Deputy Chair
· Educational and Professional Development Councilor
· Deputy Educational and Professional Development Councilor
· Communications Councilor
· Deputy Communications Councilor
· Networking Councilor
· Deputy Networking Councilor

Of these positions, we are looking for a Deputy Chair, Deputy Education and Professional Development Councilor, Deputy Communications Councilor, Networking Councilor, and Deputy Networking Councilor.

There are perks to being selected as a SAC councilor. You will automatically be granted a Student Assistant Position for the Annual and Fall Specialty Conferences. This means complimentary conference and exhibit registration, complimentary accommodations, and a $100 stipend at the end of each conference week.

The Council plays an important role in student involvement within ASPRS, so we hope you will join us!  Here are the descriptions of the available positions:

All specified term lengths are the minimums required for that specific position. Unless otherwise noted, each term ends July 1 each year. In addition to assigned responsibilities, you must be able to attend the ASPRS Annual Conference and the majority of SAC teleconferences which are held once a month.

Deputy Chair (1 year, then moves up to Chair position for 1 year)
· Organizes and runs the annual GeoLeague Challenge
· Helps the Chair and prepares to be Chair the next year
· Takes notes of all of the phone conferences
· Attends the ASPRS Young Professional Council Meetings

Deputy Education and Professional Development Councilor (1 year, then moves up to councilor position)
· Helps set up the SAC educational track sessions at each of the conferences
· Works with the Associate Member Liaison and the Sustaining Members Council to create opportunities for students to interact with professionals, including the Student and Employer Meet and Greet
· Promotes certification programs and webinars, especially on Social Media

Deputy Communications Councilor (1 year, then moves up to councilor position)
· Helps the Communications Councilor and prepares to take over the following year
· Maintains any Social Media associated with the SAC, including Facebook and LinkedIn

Networking Councilor (1 year)
· Maintains the online Virtual Career Expo
· Is the liaison between the SAC and the student chapters of ASPRS

Deputy Networking Councilor (1 year, then moves up to councilor position)
· Organizes the networking events for each conference, including the Exhibit Hall Tour, Speed Networking, and fun evening social events during the conference

If you are interested, please fill out the application form and send it, and supporting documentation, to Kim Tilley at kimt (at) asprs (dot) org by June 20th.  Please email me, dbourlan (at) broncos (dot) uncfsu (dot) edu, if you have any questions or would like additional information. We would like to have our positions filled by July 1st.

Thank you,

Devin Bourland
Chair, ASPRS Student Advisory Council

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