Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Free Satellite Imagery from DMCii

Announcement: Submit your proposal for free satellite imagery from DMCii before 31.3.2013 (for ISPRS Student Consortium members only).

Interested students and young professionals who are ISPRS SC members, should submit 1-2 page proposals by e-mail to the following e-mail address elenastudent (at) hotmail (dot) com Please read on for more information on how to prepare your proposal, the type of imagery and allowed use of this imagery: 
  1. The total number of satellite images for all winners will be 50 image tiles total (up to 10 image tiles per participant). 
  2. An 'image' means an image tile as it appears in DMCii catalogue (http://isprs-sc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1d15152c7ac07acf40e1c5423&id=9ad0aeeffe&e=550a1158e9). Images vary in size according to how the satellite was configured on the day of acquisition, but the max size tiles are 330 km x 330 km. 
  3.  Proposals should include archive images only; no new acquisitions will be done as part of this announcement. 
  4. In the proposal, include the full name of the images that you would like to use after you identify them in the image catalogue. 
  5. Satellite images included must be from the UK-DMC2 satellite only. Select only images with ID numbers beginning U2 (UK-DMC2) or DU (UK-DMC1) from the catalogue. 
  6. By default, L1R products will be supplied. These are band registered and radiometrically corrected, not-orthorectified. If there is an L1T product available that appears in the catalogue it can be included in the proposal. 
  7. Data will be licensed for academic use only (no commercial use of the data can be done at any stage). 
  8. Offer open to members of ISPRS Student Consortium only. 
  9. All winners need to select their datasets by the end of 2013.
  10. Selection criteria. Studies that match the following criteria are encouraged: - Applications that really exploit the wide area/multitemporal aspect of DMC data or the use of DMC data to fill gaps in Landsat time-series; - Applications those are really suitable for 22 m resolution.
  11. Winners will supply ISPRS and DMCii with a copy of copy of relevant theses/papers that emerge from their use of the imagery, as well as some brief slides showing results; ISPRS and DMCii will have permission to present these at conferences with the due credit and reference to the authors.

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