Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Power plant crowd sourcing

Let’s play a game! Try to locate power plants around the world!

My professor, Dr. Kevin Robert Gurney, from Arizona State University is launching a "crowd-sourcing" website, called Ventus (latin word for wind). He is collecting the information on all the world's power plants (location, emission, generation, fuel, etc). His research focus is CO2 emissions and geolocation. It is structured as a game and a winner will be deemed who provides the most useable information after the first year. This information will be used in his global fossil fuel emissions work, a piece of carbon cycle and climate science research.

You can be the winner! Please check out these websites:

P.S. Not sure what Dr. Gurney has decided for the prize. But I am sure it will be something good.

Risa Patarasuk
Postdoc Research Associate
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University

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